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Zoltan Galyas

London-based pianist that specializes in a wide range of music genres from classic, folk, jazz and world music. 


 Zoltan Galyas

Pianist Zoltan Galyas was born in Slovakia and is now based in London. He specializes in a wide range of music genres from classical, folk, jazz and world/film music. His classical repertoire includes works by Chopin, Bach, Rachmaninoff, and many others.

Zoltan is a junior fellow member at Crans Montana International Music Festival in Switzerland. His musical story is quite remarkable. He started his musical education at age of 10 at his local elementary art school in Slovakia and stopped his studies just after winning National piano competition of Dezider Kardos when at age of 14 he moved to the UK with his family.

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Crans Montana Classical 0:45

Zoly Galyas at the Crans Montana Classical to Jazz Music Festival in Switzerland

Chopin Ballade-1 excerpt 1:28

Live from Watford-London 2017